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Telegram is an instant messaging application that, just like similar applications such as Viber, WhatsApp, and LINE, gives you an easy and affordable way to communicate with all your contacts. The main difference with these apps is that Telegram, in addition to everything else, provides increased security and privacy.

Telegram’s security settings allow you to create closed chats with other users, which means that your conversations with them are completely encrypted and not stored on Telegram’s servers. You can also activate the “self-destruct” feature, and your messages will be erased after every N interval.

In addition to the privacy features described above, Telegram offers essentially exactly the same service as other instant messaging systems: group chats, file sharing, personal notifications, etc.

Telegram is an instant messaging tool that has a lot in common – including appearance – with WhatsApp. However, the extra privacy it provides can be very appealing to many people. Don’t want conversations with certain contacts to persist? Set them to self-destruct every ten seconds, and you’re all set!

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