Garena Free Fire

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Garena Free Fire is a survival action game set in an open world in which we will have complete freedom of movement. It is a kind of Battle Royale, in which we will be dropped on the battlefield, where each user must fight for his life.

This may well be a summary of Free Fire – Battlegrounds, as your character being parachuted down to an island where there are more players like you. Once you get there, you have to fight for your life. You better get used to this situation as soon as possible, because no one will give you a second to rest, so the first thing you have to do is collect weapons and gear.

This is an interesting game whose APK file can be downloaded for free and, as usual in these cases, you can upgrade by purchasing various items through in-app purchases. You can log in through Facebook, where you can also share your achievements, VK or create your own account in the app.

Here are the main details you’ll find in the game:

  • Explore a realistic open world in high resolution. The setting is great thanks to its lighting effects and high-quality images reflected in trees, buildings and other elements of the landscape.
  • A wide range of weapons you can find during your adventure, from assault guns to sniper rifles. Adapt your strategy to the weapons available.
  • Live a variety of experiences and complete missions necessary for survival: collect equipment, hide in bunkers, attack other players…
  • Control all types of vehicles to move, escape, or even attack your opponents.
  • Create alliances with other players and try to survive together.
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