Clash Royale

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The popular Clash Royale game for Android from the famous developer Supercell combines elements of a card game and real action in real time. Constant battles to find out who is the strongest and whose clan is the best – this is what Clash Royale offers its players. Join the millions of strategists by downloading the latest version of Clash Royale to your phone or tablet.

The main asset of each player in Clash Royale on Android is the map, a strategic resource in the form of troops, structures and spells, through which all the combat actions are carried out. Every kind of troops has a number of characteristics – strengths and weaknesses. The developers added a total of 94 cards with a certain level of rarity.

After you download Clash Royale 2020, you will be able to collect all the cards in the current versions, but for the battle should decide with several of them, which will make your combat deck. Combinations can be a huge number, and so a lot will depend on your strategy. Also, troop training plays an important role. Successful battles add experience and you can upgrade your units over time. At the same time, level 13 will be the maximum level.

Any confrontation between two players in Clash Royale takes place in the arena. This is a combat zone, where on one side of the field is your base, and on the other side are the structures of the enemy. Each player has three towers to guard. Your task is to destroy each of them with your army cards, assisting them with spells if the right one is present in your deck.

You are randomly matched with an opponent and the system works so that you are matched against a player with approximately the same level of pumping, so the outcome of the battle depends solely on how well thought out you are during the battle.

Arena combat in the latest downloaded hacked version of Clash Royale 2020 lasts three minutes, so all the action is dynamic and you won’t have time to get bored. At the same time, the outcome of the fight will depend on the ability to analyze the situation and find the right combinations against the enemy forces.

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