Among Us

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Among Us is an awesome action game in which you have to recognize an impostor who wants to disrupt all your plans and kill you and your friends. Think fast if you want to fly your ship away alive!

If you’ve been looking for a cooperative game that you can play with friends for long evenings, then Among Us is what you’ve been looking for. The game is very simple and interesting. You can play both as the usual person and as the criminal, that wants to destroy all plans of peaceful people. Depending on your role, you will either have to find out the criminal, or not to let yourself be found out. At first glance the gameplay seems boring and disposable, but there are random events in the game.

Complete various quests before the interstellar voyage you have to take. This will help you find out which possible traitors are killing crew members and carrying out sabotage. In fact, your best bet is to avoid contact with the other players, as any of them could be saboteurs.

You control the character with a joystick, moving him inside the ship. To do this, you will be helped by a map that will point out the different directions, as well as the places where you need to perform tasks. In parallel, you can organize meetings with your crewmates, where you can vote to determine who’s messing things up.

Although the game came out in 2018, it has been popular since mid-2020, after a huge success among some Twitch users. In addition, the gameplay allowed players to communicate during the forced quarantine.

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